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Bud Vase

Calico handmade pottery bud vase
Calico handmade pottery bud vase handmade pottery bud vase with flowers

Item # V-106

$28 each Weight: 1.5 lb
Width: 8 in
Length: 7.25 in
Height: 7.5 in


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Hover Over for Zoom View.   I think these are so pretty. This is a wheel-thrown Bud Vase in our Calico glaze combination.  The way the colors move and blend across the piece is fascinating.  This small vase stands about 4 inches high with a 3.5 inch diameter.  It has a flared-neck and round body style. All it needs is a rose or two, then just watch how pretty your table top or desk will look.  All the pieces from this collection are from the same kiln firing and have been very closely matched in color and size.  Makes a nice gift.  

Height:  4 inches  Diameter:  3.5 Inches