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Spoon Rest

Handmade pottery spoon rest
Handmade pottery spoon rest Overhead calico handmade pottery spoon rest Handmade pottery spoon rest with spoon

Item # K-188

$20.00 each Weight: 0.6 lb
Width: 9 in
Length: 9 in
Height: 5 in


Prairie Fire Night
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Hover Over for Zoom View.  Exactly where does that stir spoon go after you swirl the chili?  One good place is straight to this Prairie Fire Pottery spoon rest.  Whoever cleans up the kitchen afterwards will be forever grateful.  And when this pretty piece of handmade pottery is not at work, it's adding a splash of color to your kitchen decor.  Just $20.  Makes a nice house-warming gift.  All the pieces in this offering are from the same kiln firing and have been carefully matched in size, color, and glaze pattern...but small, natural variations do occur.

Dimensions: 5.0 inches

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Tama Smith

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