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Handbuilt Soap Dish


Item # H-136

$34.00 each Weight: 0.6 lb
Width: 8 in
Length: 10.75 in
Height: 5 in


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Hover Over for Zoom View.  This is one of our hand built soap dishes. Unlike a wheel-thrown piece which has a very uniform or symmetrical look, hand build pieces have a unique, asymmetrical appearance.  Tama works each one individually giving them soft, rolled edges and organic shapes.  Raised ribs at the center keep the soap out of any water. On the bottom are felt pads for a soft set down. This one is in our Blue-Black color combination.  Both pieces in this offering are from the same kiln firing and have been carefully matched in size, color, and glaze pattern.  However, small variations do naturally occur.

Dimensions: 4.0 x 6.8 inches