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8" Lunch Plate

lunch plate cobalt blue and brown handmade pottery overhead view

Item # P-149

$40 each Weight: 3 lb
Width: 14 in
Length: 12 in
Height: 6 in


Earth and Sky
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Here's an 8-inch Lunch Plate glazed in our Earth & Sky color combination, accented with a pretty swish of white.  This is the ideal size for serving a sandwich or a slice of pie.  Load it up with cookies and give it as a house-warming gift.  Some of our customers like to use this piece to hold votive candles.  However you put it to use, you're sure to love it.  Like everything at Prairie Fire Pottery it is handmade, lead-free, microwavable, and food & dishwasher-safe.  All the pieces in this offering have been carefully matched in size, color, and glaze pattern.  

Dimensions: 8.0 inches