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7" Spoon Crock

Blue & brown handmade pottery spoon holder.  3/4 view.
Blue & brown handmade pottery spoon holder.  3/4 view.Blue & brown handmade pottery spoon holder.  View w/kitchen tools.

Item # K-196

$60.00 each Weight: 3 lb
Width: 11 in
Length: 11 in
Height: 8 in


Earth and Sky
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Add a splash color to your kitchen decor with this Large Spoon Crock / Utensil Holder.  It stands 6 inches high with a 7 inch diameter.  This will hold plenty of kitchen tools.  When your spoons and spatulas emerge from the dishwasher or drying rack, they'll drop easily into this wide-mouth crock.  Glazed in our pretty Earth & Sky color combination, it is wheel-thrown and kiln fired to 2400°.  All the pieces in this offering are from the same kiln firing and have been closely matched in size, color, and glaze pattern.  However, small variations do naturally exist.  

Height: 6.0  Diameter:  7 inches