Handmade blue pottery planter w/ drip tray
Handmade blue pottery planter w/ drip tray handmade pottery drip tray

Planter w/Drip Tray


Width: 6 in
Length: 7.5 in
Height: 5.75 in

$52 each Item #: D-103
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Click on image for Zoom View.  This is a two-piece set: planter (with drainage hole) and a removable drip tray.  This one is in our Northern Lights glaze combination.  It is an intriguing combination of blue, lavender, and green glaze colors blended as only a high-fired kiln can produce (2400°).  Add your favorite house plant and this piece becomes prettier still.  All the pieces in this offering are from the same kiln firing and have been closely matched in color and pattern - however slight variations do naturally occur.