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6" Cereal Bowl

Preety blue & toasted orange cereal bowl. 3/4 view.
Preety blue & toasted orange cereal bowl. 3/4 view.Preety blue & toasted orange cereal bowl. Overhead view.

Item # B-194

$38.00 each Weight: 3 lb
Width: 12 in
Length: 11 in
Height: 8 in


Earth and Sky
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 l like using this wheel-thrown bowl for breakfast cereal, soup, salad, or rice.  It has a 6 inch diameter and stands about 2 inches high. It is glazed in our Earth & Sky color combination (cobalt blue over toasted orange and black with a splash of red at the center).  Like everything at Prairie Fire Pottery it is handmade, lead-free, microwavable, and food & dishwasher-safe.  All the pieces in this offering have been carefully matched for size, color, and glaze pattern.  But small variations do naturally occur.

Dimensions: 6.0 x 2 inches